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Jeremiah 29:12

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CONDUCT - Justice

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Almighty God, I will keep coming to You saying, "Give me justice against my adversary".  Luke 18:3
Jesus, would You cause what has happened to display the work of God in my life. Amen.  John 9:3
You Lord are our judge, You Lord are our lawgiver, You Lord are our King, it is You Who will save us.  Isaiah 33:22
Lord Jesus, God's Son, I ask of You that whatever injustice life brings my way I bear much fruit, and that You and the Father are glorified through it.  John 11:4, John 15:8
Whenever I feel unjustly treated and alone, it is so good to know Lord that You, Who vindicate me, are near  Isaiah 50:8 Romans 8:1
Lord, when I see unfairness and become disgruntled, please help me to remember that You will not leave the guilty unpunished.  Nahum 1:3
Holy Spirit, please help me to remember that, every deed done on the earth will be laid bare.  2 Peter 3:10
O LORD, from Your heavenly throne You observe all men, Your eyes examine them. Help me to be still before You LORD when I see men succeed when they carry out their wicked deeds; because one day all men will have to give an account of themselves to You God on the day of judgement so I will not fret, but wait patiently for You.  Psalm 11:4 Psalm 37:7 Matthew 12:36 Romans 14:12
I should not be surprised that people reject Your rules and judgement because even Moses, they rejected, saying, 'Who made you a ruler and a judge?'  Acts 7:35
I can feel disgruntled that others appear to get away with doing wrong whenever they like, may I remember Lord that Your Word says that anyone who does wrong will be repaid for his wrong, and there is no favouritism.  Colossians 3:25

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